Warning: This film contains stroboscopic imagery that might be disturbing to some viewers. In a hellish future where human beings have become stupefied by the state of permanent happiness they have been genetically altered to experience, Jack offers relief via drugs that cause his customers the welcome phenomenon of pain.
    • “Visionary writer-director Vladan Nikolic . . . concerns and motifs [are] vivid and idiosyncratic, designed to intensify a highly contemporary concern about the loss of freedom and power of the individual to secret, manipulative cartels.”- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

    • “chillingly realistic vision of the future… amazing… nothing but talent.”- Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post

    • “a weird reflection of current reality. . . an odd example of artsy obscura . . .an experience not quickly forgotten.”- Tor.com

    • “Zenith at top of its game.”- Boston Herald

    • “a high-concept, brave-new-world sci-fi puzzle… echoes futuristic thrillers such as 12 Monkeys and Children of Men… an atmosphere of mounting paranoia that’s grim and chilling.”- Loren King, Boston Globe

    • “a brooding science-fiction trip…Nikolic’s lust for paranoid desperation is powerful, and his way with actors is stunningly graceful.”- Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

    • “rank[s] up there with indie mind-bending powerhouses like Primer and Being John Malkovich… like all great science fiction, Zenith hits us with a powerful series of “what ifs” that take the world as we expect it to be and give it a short, sharp turn on its ear… smart sci-fi… something to add to your must-see list.”- Apex Magazine

    • “a brain-bending 12 Monkeys vibe.”- Devin O'Leary, Albuquerque Alibi